Arcadia Unified COVID-19 Dashboard

To ensure transparent and accurate information regarding COVID-19 cases within our school district, we are providing an Arcadia Unified School District COVID-19 Dashboard.
  • All data in the dashboard indicate current positive cases reported/known within the past 10-day period (previously 14 days to align with quarantine days) among our students and staff.
  • The Dashboard data is updated with known cases as frequently as possible and is not updated on weekends or other non-school days.
  • When a student or staff is medically cleared to return and no longer required to quarantine, that case is subsequently removed from the dashboard and is no longer considered an active case number.
  • To ensure privacy and following all health and safety protocols, names and individuals associated with positive cases will not be released.
  • Individuals who test positive and any individuals identified as “close contacts” will receive direct notification from our Health Services department and will be guided through all safety and health protocols per the proper guidelines.  
  • Should your student test positive for COVID-19, is experiencing possible symptoms related to COVID-19, or was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, please complete this form, and one of our AUSD Health Services staff will be in touch with you as soon as possible:
Arcadia Unified School District
COVID-19 Dashboard
Total Number
of Students*
Total Number
of Staff*
Confirmed Cases Students**
Confirmed Cases Staff**
Proportion of
School Population
Arcadia High School 3049 260 48 10 0.02
Baldwin Stocker Elementary 601 60 10 4 0.02
Camino Grove Elementary 631 80 10 3 0.02
Dana Middle School 587 60 8 0 0.01
First Avenue Middle School 654 57 15 4 0.03
Foothills Middle School 628 50 19 2 0.03
Highland Oaks Elementary 573 82 15 2 0.03
Holly Avenue Elementary 681 83 17 3 0.03
Hugo Reid Elementary 546 50 19 1 0.03
Longley Way Elementary 467 65 5 5 0.02
Rancho Learning Center 56 14 2 2 0.06
TOTALS 8473 861 166 36 0.03
Last Updated: 1/25/22 at 11:29 p.m.
*This number may fluctuate but will be updated periodically and does not include students enrolled in Independent Study. 
**Information listed here is updated regularly and as cases are confirmed. Current positive cases reported within the last 10 days.
Exposure Notifications and Communication of Positive Cases
Our district will follow the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's decision pathways for prompt recognition, isolation, and dismissal of a student or staff experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, as explained on our Quarantine and Exposure Management page