Measure I - Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

The Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee has the responsibility to review expenditures made with
Measure I funds to ensure that they are consistent with what the citizens of this community approved. 
This committee reports annually to the Board and the public. Appointed by the Board of Education,
they represent the diversity of our community and all of the required areas of representation.
                  2022-2023 Committee Members
                                        2022-2023 Committee Members
Parent/Guardian of Child Enrolled in District:
Aili Gardea

Parent/Guardian of Child Enrolled in District & Active in Parent-Teacher Organization:
Jennifer Ledesma, Stanley Poon & Matthew Taylor  
Business Representative:

Senior Citizen Group Representative:
Joyce Platt
Taxpayer Organization Member:

At-Large Community Member (Resident of the Arcadia Unified School District):
Paul Engl, Susan Lawi & Sonia Martin
Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws