Digital Education Station

The "Digital Education Station" is a digital web series, or vlog, hosted by the Arcadia Unified School District to help communicate and explain different educational topics of interest within the Arcadia Unified School District. Launched in January of 2017, the Digital Education Station is hosted by our Chief Communications Officer Ryan Foran. 
You can view the entire series below, or on our AUSD YouTube Channel at
Arcadia High School Valedictorian Rachel Loh
Better Together School Culture & Climate Dr. Alan Daly (2)
Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Arcadia High Valedictorian Kevin Tan
New Rancho 6th Grade Lab School 2019-2020
Dr. Alan Daly Better Together School Culture and Climate Research Project (1)
Personalized Learning Update 8
New Arcadia Developments 
Jim Leahy Maintenance Yard Unveiled
Arcadia High Valedictorian Stella Cho 
Restorative Practices
Collaboration Days
New Facebook Algorithm & See First Newsfeed Setting
The Leader In Me
Arcadia Advocating in Sacramento
Personalized Learning 7 - Ben Kornell AltSchool VP
California School Dashboard
Personalized Learning 6 - Rancho Lab School Meeting
Personalized Learning 5 - Role of the Teacher
Personalized Learning 4 - Rancho Lab School Pilot
Personalized Learning 3 - Timeline and Rollout
Personalized Learning 2 - Community Engagement
Personalized Learning 1 - The Journey 
Staff Appreciation Football Game
Imagine Inquire Inspire New Tagline
Welcome Back to School!
Arcadia Innovation Summit 
Community Engagement ThoughtExchange