Potential Facilities Bond 2024


Arcadia Unified School District

Protecting Quality Education and Student Safety

Arcadia Unified School District (AUSD) serves 9,000 students at 11 award-winning schools. Thanks to our hardworking students, teachers, and staff, AUSD is ranked in the top 1% of school districts in the country.

Upgrading Aging Local Schools 

While the quality of education in our schools is outstanding, most of our classrooms and school facilities were built decades ago and need upgrades to support current educational and safety standards.

old table old locker room plumbing


In 2006, Arcadia voters generously approved Measure I, a school improvement bond measure that has provided locally controlled funding dedicated to the first phase of upgrades to local school facilities, including:

  • Several of AUSD’s oldest buildings have been replaced with new facilities
  • Modern classrooms, science labs, arts, and music education spaces have been added at most schools
  • Libraries have been updated at all schools
  • Construction of the Arcadia Performing Arts Center 


New Holly Ave Building PAC

(Left: New Building at Holly Ave Built in 2024 Thanks to Measure I) (Right: Arcadia Performing Arts Center Built in 2013 Thanks to Measure I)


Planning for Future Upgrades

While much has been accomplished since Measure I was passed nearly twenty years ago, many upgrades are still needed. Important areas to improve include security, fire and earthquake safety, educational technology support, accessibility for students with disabilities, and updates to classrooms and science labs to support the highest-quality academic instruction possible.

Locally Controlled Funding for School Improvements

To ensure all Arcadia students attend school in safe and modern classrooms, the Board of Education is considering placing a school facilities improvement bond measure on the November 2024 ballot. While no decisions have been made, a measure could

provide locally controlled funding to:

  • Keep schools clean, safe and provide safe places for children to play
  • Remove asbestos, lead pipes and lead paint to provide safe drinking water and air quality Improve fire safety by replacing aging gas lines, updating aging electrical systems and improving smoke alarms, detectors and sprinklers
  • Improve school security with emergency door locks, panic buttons, security cameras and communications systems
  • Ensure all schools meet modern earthquake safety standards and are accessible for students with disabilities
  • Update classrooms and labs to support quality instruction in math, science, technology, engineering, reading and writing programs
  • Replace aging and failing sewer lines, restrooms and kitchens


Continued Fiscal Accountability

Any school facilities improvement bond measure would require strict fiscal accountability protections, including:

  • Required public disclosure of all spending
  • An independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee and annual audits to ensure funds are spent as promised
  • All funds must be locally controlled to support AUSD schools only
  • No funds could be taken by the State


Share Your Priorities survey

As AUSD plans for the future of our local schools we value input from the community. Please complete our survey to share your priorities for local schools. The survey can be taken online by clicking the links below.



English Survey: tinyurl.com/Survey-AUSD

Chinese Survey: tinyurl.com/Survey-AUSD-CH


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