Arcadia Unified Thought Exchange 2021



Dear Arcadia Unified Parents, Staff, Students, and Community Partners,


The Arcadia Unified School District is inviting you to participate in a community conversation that consists of one simple but important question, “What are some things you think our school is doing well and what are some things we can focus on in order to improve?” 


Your input is critical because it helps our district plan on how to allocate our resources in educating and supporting all of our students. This is our sixth year conducting this annual community conversation and your ongoing support and participation have made all of the difference.


We welcome and encourage both critical and positive comments. As a reminder, rude or hurtful thoughts and thoughts that identify an individual (both negative and positive) will be removed by Thoughtexchange’s machine moderation. 


Thank you so much for using your voice to share how we can best serve you! 


Dr. David Vannasdall

Superintendent of Arcadia Unified School District


Join the conversation about your school at Arcadia Unified School District!


Click the following link to participate: 


Once you enter the exchange, please select the school you are associated with.

If you are connected to multiple schools, you may participate in multiple school conversations.


Please don’t forget to return as often as you have time to rate new thoughts. This exchange will close on February 9th at midnight.

More about this process:

  • You can add and rate thoughts at your own pace until the exchange ends. We encourage you to return as many times as possible to rate new thoughts and discover the results at any time.
  • Come into the exchange to share your thoughts. Remember to state if the thought is an appreciative thought or a concern.
  • Consider and rate the thoughts of others using stars (30 is ideal).
  • Thoughtexchange keeps confidential who shared each thought and rating.
  • When enough participants have shared and rated thoughts, you will be able to explore and discover the results.
  • If you know someone else who would like to participate, you can forward your invitation.
  • If you need technical help, please call Thoughtexchange at 1-800-361-9027 ext. 4 or email [email protected]