Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services exists to support the school district with the accountability of financial information. We provide personal support and accounting information for people to make (financial) decisions that impact our students, parents, and district staff. We perform our job responsibilities and problem solve with efficiency, reliability, and integrity. We succeed when we make effective decisions by understanding our objective, working as a cohesive team, and assessing the overall impact so that all team members will support each decision.

Fiscal Services responsibilities and duties include:
  • Budget development management all year round 
  • Position Control management
  • Maintain District financial reports supported by approx. 6,000 accounts
  • Board Reports and presentations related to fiscal matters
  • Prepare Monthly Student Attendance and Enrollment Reports
  • Employee health and welfare benefits, voluntary deductions, leave balances, and W-2
  • Payroll periods are either bimonthly or monthly with approx. 14,100 classified and 10,700 certificated pay warrants produced annually
  • Receive and deposit funds, including gift offers, donations, and federal and state funds
  • Issue approx. 7,500 warrants to vendors annually and provide 1099a at year-end
  • Asset management, including inventory
  • Tax payments and reporting for payroll and sales taxes
  • Oversee and monitor ASB accounting which involves the maintenance of funds for the sole benefit of the students
  • Fiscal oversight and support for Nutrition Services, Special Education, Facilities Bond, and JPA
  • Mandated Cost Filings


Contact Us:
150 S. Third Avenue, Arcadia, CA 91006



David Vong

Director of Fiscal Services

(626) 821-8300


Karine Hovsepian-Ruby

Karine Hovsepian-Ruby

Accounting Supervisor

(626) 821-6603

Valerie Sanchez 

Valerie Sanchez

Administrative Assistant

(626) 821-6624


Jane Tan

Jane Tan

Sr. Accounting Technician (Nutrition Services)

(626) 821-8300 ext. 6705


Connie Lopez

Sr. Accounting Technician (Payroll - Classified Staff)

(626) 821-6601


Niro Kurukulasuriya

Sr. Accounting Technician (Payroll - Certificated Staff)

(626) 821-6647

Oscar Ramirez

Oscar Ramirez

Sr. Accounting Technician (Benefits - Certificated Staff)

(626) 821-8300 ext. 6748


Nancy Keo

Nancy Keo

Sr. Accounting Technician (Benefits - Classified Staff)

(626) 821-8300 ext. 6700

Grace Camacho

Grace Camacho

Intermediate Accounting Technician

(626) 821-6648

Nicole Markley

Nicole Markley

Intermediate Accounting Technician

(626) 821-8300 ext. 6704

Kelly Meeks

Kelly Meeks

Accounting Technician

(626) 821-8300 ext. 6726


Sharon Van Kirk

Sharon Van Kirk

Accounting Technician

(626) 821-6626

Adriana Sanchez

Adriana Sanchez

Sr. Accounting Technician

(626) 821-8300 ext. 6749


Elias Chavez

Elias Chavez

Sr. Accounting Technician

(626) 821-8300 ext. 6751