AB 1266 Transgender Resources

Transgender Students - Ensuring Equity and Nondiscrimination
Press Release DOJ
Resolution Agreement signed
LAUSD Transgender Policy Bulletin 1-27-14
AUSD Transgender Policy Bulletin 4-16-15
Board Policies- Final Documents

BP 0410
BP 1312.1
BP 1312. 3
BP 5137
BP 5145.3
Board Policies- Second Reading

BP 0410 2nd
BP 1312.1 2nd
BP 1312. 3 2nd
BP 5137 2nd
BP 5145.3 2nd
Handouts from November 2013 Admin Training

LAUSD- Transgender and Gender Variant
LGBT Resource Guide 2013-14
Power Point Presentation- Gender
Project SPIN- An Overview
Suggested Language for School Policies
Transgender Day of Remembrance