Arcadia High School Class of 2024: A Legacy of Excellence

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Arcadia High School proudly announces the remarkable achievements of the Class of 2024. This year's graduates have exemplified exceptional academic prowess, dedication, and resilience, setting new benchmarks for future classes.

Outstanding Academic Achievement

The Class of 2024 comprises 759 students, each contributing to an impressive average GPA of 3.45, and an astonishing 99.9% graduation rate. Demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence, over 80% of these students enrolled in one or more Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) courses during their high school career, with the average student taking five AP/Honors courses. This marks a significant increase in advanced coursework participation compared to previous years. 

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College Acceptances and Matriculation

Arcadia High School students have secured placements at some of the most prestigious universities across the nation and internationally. Highlights of this year’s college acceptances include:

University of California, Berkeley: 59 students accepted

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): 33 students accepted

Harvard University: 1 student accepted

Yale University: 1 student accepted

Stanford University: 1 student accepted

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): 1 student accepted

Cal Tech: 1 student accepted

Columbia University: 1 student accepted

Princeton: 1 student accepted

Brown University: 4 students accepted

In total, students will be attending 57 different colleges within California and 28 different colleges across six countries, including the U.K., France, Japan, Mexico, and China.


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Diverse Educational Pathways

A significant portion of the graduating class, 434 students, will be attending four-year colleges, while 281 students have opted for two-year colleges, maintaining a consistent trend over the past four years. Additionally, 22 students are pursuing vocational training at trade schools, reflecting a growing interest in diverse career pathways.



Popular Majors

The Class of 2024 has shown particular interest in the following fields of study:

- Biology: 40 students

- Computer Science: 40 students

- Business: 37 students

- Psychology: 35 students

- Nursing: 26 students

- Mechanical Engineering: 17 students

- Business Administration: 16 students

- Biochemistry: 14 students

Wellness and Balance

Arcadia High School places a strong emphasis on student wellness. During the 2023-2024 school year, 277 seniors visited the school’s Wellness Center, with an average of 34 one-on-one follow-ups each month. This support system underscores the school’s commitment to fostering a balanced and healthy educational environment.

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Community Engagement

Demonstrating commendable dedication to their community, 238 seniors (38% of the class) held part-time jobs alongside their academic responsibilities. This engagement reflects the well-rounded character of Arcadia High School graduates, who balance academics with real-world experiences.

Profound and Positive Impact

The Arcadia High School Class of 2024 has set a high standard for academic excellence and community involvement. As these students embark on the next chapter of their educational journeys, they carry forward a legacy of hard work, resilience, and dedication. The Arcadia community celebrates their achievements and looks forward to their continued success. Once an Apache, always an Apache.


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