Board Goals



Through a collaborative and engaging process we will:


Provide high quality, effective instruction that ensures college & career readiness by addressing the unique needs and abilities of ALL students.

  • The “4C’s” (Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration) are taught across the curriculum in relevant lessons
  • Ensure challenging TK-12 curriculum and instruction in all subject areas including:
  • Promote learning that encourages students to build non-cognitive skills like grit, resilience, perseverance and self-control      
  • Provide innovative programs that deliver personalized learning in non-traditional classroom settings
  • Proactively design lessons and programs that address learner variability. Integrate flexible options and supports that ensure that standards-based lessons are accessible to a range of learners in their classrooms (UDL)
  • Continue to support and grow the AVID program
  • Continue to support and expand honors and AP course offerings to encourage students to enroll in advanced coursework

Ensure strong fiscal responsibility and maintain fiscal integrity by aligning resources effectively to support student success.


Recruit, develop and retain high quality, effective staff committed to all students.

  • Develop and implement hiring processes that recruit and identify relational employees who are student-centered
  • Ensure evaluation structure provides ongoing feedback and support of all employees
  • Ensure all staff have the resources needed to excel in their position (time, technology and support)
  • Identify, support and celebrate high performing staff
  • Build and identify leadership capacity at all levels

Develop the “whole child” so that every student is healthy, safe, connected, supported and challenged.

  • Relationship building and collaboration continue to be organizational norms
    • Continue to model vulnerability & build trust, as essential elements, in building relationships
    • Encourage risk taking for staff and students
  • Engage in open dialogue with entire community (parents, students, staff & community) to celebrate accomplishments and facilitate educational shifts on important issues