School Boundaries

The following maps are provided as a general guideline for the public's convenience and may NOT be exact in determining if a residence is located within or outside of our district/school boundaries.*
The most accurate look up is the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk application to look up your district and precinct maps. To look up by address change the "District & Precinct look up by district" to "District Map look up by address". 
The application may be found here: DISTRICT/PRECINCT MAPS
Another tool that may be helpful in researching school district boundaries may be found here.  This tool is operated by an independent organization not associated with the Arcadia Unified School District.

*For the most accurate information and for information regarding boundaries for Arcadia High School, please call us at (626) 821-6617 to verify if a residence is located within our district.

District Map
Elementary School
Color for                        Baldwin Stocker Baldwin Stocker
Color for Camino Grove Camino Grove
Color for Highland Oaks Highland Oaks
Color for Holly Avenue Holly Avenue
Color for Hugo Reid Hugo Reid
Color for Longley Way Longley Way
Color for Dana Dana
Color for Foothills Foothills
Color for First Avenue First Avenue