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Coronavirus Update 74 - Latest Information, Published January 21, at 11:36 a.m.


Hello Arcadia Unified Families and Community, 


*New Information is Bolded AND Underlined in the Sections Below* 


As we continue to enjoy being back in school after the Winter Break, and despite the recent surge, we are starting to receive some good news. The number of positive cases is beginning to fall, and the latest changes from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) emphasize keeping healthy students in school, while also continuing to mitigate the spread and keeping health and safety paramount in our schools. We will highlight the key changes in the new LACDPH health order below. 


LACDPH Health Order Changes

As expected and what we wrote in Coronavirus Update 73 last week, LACDPH has implemented a “Surge Protocol”, which it defines as “Temporary measures that may be implemented to address the volume of cases and contacts due to significant COVID-19 surges and includes considerations for simplifying case identification and exposure management.” A summary of the new order is as follows: 


  • Contact tracing has been simplified to “Group Notifications.” Examples of “groups” would be classmates, teammates, or cohorts.


  • Changes in quarantine and testing requirements for students and staff based upon vaccination status or recovery from a positive COVID-19 test in the past 90 days. 


  • Students are now considered “fully vaccinated” and do not need to quarantine and miss school if it has been two weeks since their second dose and they do not have symptoms. A booster shot is no longer required to be considered “fully vaccinated” for people under 18 years of age


  • Healthy, asymptomatic students, regardless of vaccination status, will no longer be required to quarantine after a school-based exposure. 


  • Staff and students who tested positive for COVID-19 and have recovered within the last 90 days and are asymptomatic do not need to quarantine or test after exposure. 


  • From now through the end of January, schools should prioritize the identification of COVID-19 on campus and the isolation of positive cases. 


Parents who have questions about isolation requirements can call the DPH COVID-19 Information Hotline at 1-833-540-0473. 


Please note, families that receive a group notification letter from us or that might be impacted by any of the recent changes in the LACDPH health order will be communicated with directly and helped throughout the entire process. You can view an example of the new group notification letter and an easy-to-understand “School Quarantine Flow Chart” on our website here


You can view the complete updated health order in the LACDPH “COVID-19 Exposure Management Plan in TK-12 Schools” (Appendix T2) via https://bit.ly/2022T2 and on our AUSD website.   


You can also read the complete LACDPH “Reopening Protocols for K-12 Schools” (Appendix T1) via https://bit.ly/2022T1 and on our AUSD website. The recent updates to both of these policy documents are highlighted in the box on the top of page one. 


Please continue to report any positive cases on our COVID-19 Form and keep your children home from school if they are sick or have any COVID-19 symptoms. We greatly appreciate your partnership in our continued mitigation efforts. 


AUSD Today: AUSD Amidst the Omicron Variant

We encourage you to watch this student news report about the latest COVID-19 health and safety protocols being implemented. This AUSD Today segment breaks down AUSD’s testing opportunities and includes information from school district officials that explains their efforts to keep testing, resources, and more information as readily available as possible. 


More Resources and Information


Commitment to Communications

As always, we remain committed to updating our dedicated Coronavirus webpage with new resources and information. You can view this communication, our 74th, (in English and Chinese) and all the previous updates we have sent to all parents and staff on our website. If you or someone you know needs additional language support, please let us know. We also encourage you to follow our Facebook page and Twitter page, where we will share additional non-urgent information and Arcadia Unified news. You can sign up for our Arcadia Unified Community Email List here, and/or encourage others to do so to ensure receipt of our communications. As always, thank you for your support and partnership. 



Arcadia Unified School District 


冠状病毒更新 74 - 最新信息






随着我们继续享受寒假后重返学校的乐趣,尽管最近人数激增,但我们开始收到一些好消息。阳性病例的数量开始下降,洛杉矶县公共卫生部 (LACDPH) 的最新变化强调让学生在学校保持健康,同时继续减缓传播,并将健康和安全放在我们学校的首要位置。我们将在下面重点介绍新的 LACDPH 健康命令的主要变化。


LACDPH 健康令变更

正如预期的那样,以及我们上周在冠状病毒更新 73 中所写的内容,LACDPH 已经实施了“激增协议”,它将其定义为“可以实施的临时措施,以解决由于 COVID-19 大幅激增而导致的病例和接触人数,包括简化案例识别和暴露管理的考虑因素。”新订单摘要如下:


  • 联系人追踪已简化为“群组通知”。 “小组”的例子是同学、队友或同伙。


  • 根据过去 90 天内的疫苗接种状态或从 COVID-19 阳性检测中恢复情况,对学生和教职员工的检疫和检测要求进行更改。


  • 现在,学生被认为是“完全接种了疫苗”,如果自第二次接种后已经两周且没有症状,则无需隔离和旷课。对于 18 岁以下的人,不再需要将加强针视为“完全接种疫苗”。


  • 健康、无症状的学生,无论疫苗接种状态如何,都将不再需要在学校接触后进行隔离。


  • COVID-19 检测呈阳性并在过去 90 天内康复且无症状的教职员工和学生在接触后无需隔离或检测。


  • 从现在到 1 月底,学校应优先在校园内识别 COVID-19 并隔离阳性病例。


对隔离要求有疑问的家长可以拨打 DPH COVID-19 信息热线 1-833-540-0473。


请注意,收到我们的团体通知信或可能受到最近 LACDPH 健康令任何变化影响的家庭将在整个过程中直接沟通并提供帮助。您可以在我们的网站上查看新的团体通知书示例和易于理解的“学校隔离流程图”


您可以通过 https://bit.ly/2022T2  和我们的 AUSD 网站在 LACDPH“TK-12 学校的 COVID-19 暴露管理计划”(附录 T2)中查看完整的更新健康令。


您还可以通过 https://bit.ly/2022T1  和我们的 AUSD 网站阅读完整的 LACDPH“K-12 学校重新开放协议”(附录 T1)。这两个政策文件的最新更新在第一页顶部的框中突出显示。


请继续在我们的 COVID-19 表格上报告任何阳性病例,如果您的孩子生病或有任何 COVID-19 症状,请让他们不要上学。我们非常感谢您在我们持续的缓解工作中的合作。


AUSD 今日:Omicron 变种中的 AUSD

我们鼓励您观看有关正在实施的最新 COVID-19 健康和安全协议的学生新闻报道。此 AUSD Today 部分细分了 AUSD 的测试机会,并包括来自学区官员的信息,这些信息解释了他们为保持测试、资源和更多信息尽可能容易获得所做的努力。



-报告阳性病例、暴露或症状的 COVID-19 表格

-COVID-19 接触管理计划

-通过 AUSD 为学生和教职员工提供免费 COVID-19 检测




-当前 AUSD 病例的 COVID-19 仪表板(定期更新)

-教育委员会会议(新)- 您可以通过此链接查看我们最新的教育委员会会议,其中包括 AUSD 教职员工部 COVID-19 重新开放更新(以及为什么学区没有合法授权过渡回远程学习).

-新学年的新 COVID-19 网页,其中包括以前的冠状病毒更新和其他有用的资源和链接

-学校重新开放协议(附录 T1 和 T2

-Qualtrics 每日健康检查



与往常一样,我们仍然致力于用新的资源和信息更新我们的冠状病毒专用网页。您可以在我们的网站上查看我们的第 74 次通信(英文和中文)以及我们之前发送给所有家长和员工的所有更新。如果您或您认识的人需要额外的语言支持,请告诉我们。我们还鼓励您关注我们的 Facebook 页面和 Twitter 页面,我们将在其中分享其他非紧急信息和 Arcadia Unified 新闻。您可以在此处注册我们的 Arcadia 统一社区电子邮件列表,和/或鼓励其他人这样做以确保收到我们的通信。一如既往,感谢您的支持和合作。





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