Arcadia Unified Launches 10th Annual #ArcadiaFirstDay Social Media Campaign

Arcadia First Day photo
Arcadia Unified’s annual #ArcadiaFirstDay campaign is met with big smiles from students across the district

The Arcadia Unified School District collects hundreds of back-to-school photographs each fall through its highly anticipated #ArcadiaFirstDay social media campaign. This beloved initiative, now in its tenth year, celebrates the return of the hustle and bustle on school campuses and captures heartwarming moments from the first day of the academic year. It has become a cherished tradition within the community.

First introduced as a spirited way to kick off the 2014-2015 school year, the #ArcadiaFirstDay campaign has since evolved into a much-anticipated annual event that resonates with students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members alike. Each year, the campaign brings together the Arcadia Unified community to share the joy, excitement, and anticipation for a happy year of learning and growing ahead.


Teachers and staff Arcadia First Day

Foothills Middle School teacher Fernando Ulloa poses with parents for back-to-school night on #ArcadiaFirstDay


Some of this year’s heartwarming campaign photos include two First Avenue Middle School teachers, Kristen Mora and Tiffany Young, on their first day of school this year, which is accompanied by a photo of the two of them when they were eight years old attending Arcadia Unified’s Hugo Reid Elementary School together. 


Arcadia First Day teachers

How it started and how it’s going: First Avenue Middle School teachers Kristen Mora (left) and Tiffany Young (right) were classmates at Hugo Reid Elementary School.


Another photo features an #ArcadiaFirstDay family affair, with the district’s superintendent, Dr. David Vannasdall, taking a selfie-style photo alongside his wife, Jessica, who is a teacher in the district, and their two children who attend elementary school in the district. 


Superintendent Vannasdall and family

Arcadia Unified Superintendent snaps a selfie with his family in celebration of the district’s #ArcadiaFirstDay campaign


The district also shared printable templates with families in celebration of the campaign, customizing a sign for each of its eleven school campuses. Across the district, #ArcadiaFirstDay photos came in with students adorning the signs and bright smiles to kick off the start of another yearlong learning journey. 


Arcadia Unified siblings sharing their #ArcadiaFirstDay pride through the district’s celebratory templates

Arcadia Unified siblings sharing their #ArcadiaFirstDay pride through the district’s celebratory templates


The campaign encourages students, parents, and staff to share their first-day experiences on social media platforms using the hashtag #ArcadiaFirstDay, or by emailing their pictures to [email protected]. As participants share their candid snapshots, heartfelt stories, and cheerful anecdotes, the campaign forms a virtual photo album capturing the genuine enthusiasm that marks the beginning of a new academic journey. You can view the entire album from this year on the district’s Facebook page


Over the years, the #ArcadiaFirstDay campaign has documented countless memories, highlighted inspiring moments, and brought the Arcadia Unified community closer together. As the district gears up for another remarkable academic year, the campaign promises to once again showcase the spirit of unity, growth, and dedication that defines the Arcadia Unified School District. This campaign has also been recognized as an award-winning campaign by the California School Public Relations Association.


A parent-made collage celebrating 13-years-worth of #ArcadiaFirstDay memories.

A parent-made collage celebrating 13-years-worth of #ArcadiaFirstDay memories.


For more information about the #ArcadiaFirstDay campaign and the Arcadia Unified School District, please visit or follow the district’s social media channels.


2023 #ArcadiaFirstDay highlight video by AUSD Digital Communications Intern Lauryn Chao