Arcadia Unified's Statement of Solidarity with the AAPI Community


Dear Arcadia Unified Students, Staff, Families, and Community,

It’s been deeply upsetting to see news headlines of xenophobic behavior, name-calling, assaults, and too many other senseless and egregious hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Because this is too important to go without saying, Arcadia Unified vehemently condemns any and all racially motivated and xenophobic acts of harassment and violence. We will not tolerate racism or bigotry in any form. 

We have a robust Asian American and Pacific Islander community in Arcadia Unified and our Arcadia community, which makes it difficult to digest that many have shared that they feel the impacts of racism and xenophobia, which has been further magnified by the pandemic. Though I have not walked in their shoes, I am devastated by the fear and pain being experienced by our own staff, students, families, and community members. We will continue to stand united against fear, hatred, and violence, and we remain committed to doing everything in our power to keep our schools as safe spaces for all our students, staff, and families.

Arcadia Unified will combat anti-Asian hate by:


Listening to student voice. Every student voice and experience in our district matters. We will continue to teach the understanding of each person’s unique background, culture, and history. We will continue to embrace student voice and experiences in meeting this challenge.


Talking about it. We will speak with students about these current events, continue to examine historical events, and let students explore their questions in safe settings. We will continue to show students how to find facts and information from reliable sources, as will we continue to provide mental health support and resources for students to talk through their feelings.

Providing a safe space. Community-building techniques, such as restorative practices and Leader in Me lessons, have been commonplace in our classrooms. 

Space for healing and discussion is critical to ensure our students know that they matter and are loved. Here is a list of additional resources that offer some ways to create and hold authentic, healing dialogue for everyone in our school community.


Support and resources. Here are some more resources to help get these important conversations started:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has also shared resources to empower educators and students with tools on how to take action against anti-Asian hate:

  • Contact lawmakers to speak up against anti-Asian hate, xenophobia and violence.
  • These student-facing online lessons may be shared with middle-high school students to expand their understanding of how the coronavirus pandemic has increased racism against people of Asian descent and what they can do about it.
  • This blog addresses the fear, stereotypes and scapegoating both emotionally and physically harming the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.
  • Educators and families may consider reading books like these with elementary school students to help challenge stereotypes and foster respect and inclusion.

Schools have the responsibility and power to create change and to help mold tomorrow’s leaders and policymakers. We gladly accept this continued challenge of ensuring our students have the opportunity to engage in important, informed conversations that champion tolerance, understanding, and respect for all. 

I want to acknowledge and thank our Arcadia Unified family for its continued commitment to the crucial racial equity and inclusion work they are doing in classrooms and on our campuses. These recent deplorable incidents demonstrate the continued need to stay steadfast in our efforts to work together to combat ignorance, racism, and hatred. We stand in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and will continue to do all we can to support our students in addressing these issues in safe, empathetic, and empowering ways.


Dr. David Vannasdall, Superintendent

Arcadia Unified School District 






在Arcadia Unified和Arcadia社区中,我们有一个强大的亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民社区,这使得人们很难理解许多人分享了他们感到种族主义和仇外心理的影响,而这一现象在大流行中进一步加剧了。尽管我没有走上他们的鞋子,但我自己的员工,学生,家庭和社区成员所经历的恐惧和痛苦使我感到震惊。我们将继续团结起来,抵御恐惧,仇恨和暴力,我们将继续竭尽所能,使学校成为所有学生,教职员工和家庭的安全场所。












PBS NewsHour:如何应对反亚洲仇恨犯罪激增














总监大卫·范纳斯达尔(David Vannasdall)博士