Right at School: Partial Return to Campus Questionnaire


Dear Elementary AUSD Families,

During our AUSD Board Meeting on Feb. 23, we shared an exciting new opportunity for our TK-5 students to experience a partial return to campus at no cost to parents. Right At School, an AUSD partner, will be offering adult supervised opportunities each school day afternoon for TK-5 students to have the opportunity to be back on a school campus. This time will be offered in compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols. The link below will direct you to a short questionnaire to learn more about your students interests. We envision this time will allow space for physical movement, play, and socio-emotional activities.

AUSD is also looking to expand the school day learning pod program at no cost to our TK-5 families. Learning pods offer adult supervision on a school campus for TK-5 students to engage in their virtual learning classroom. AUSD families may engage in the new afternoon supervision offering and/or the learning pod program by accessing the link below and completing the short questionnarie. Right At School will be contacting families who complete the questionnaire to finalize the registration process.

Link to the short survey/questionnaire:


With Gratitude, 

AUSD Educational Services Department 



在今晚的AUSD教育委員會會議上,我們分享了一個讓我們TK-5年級的學生免費體驗部分時間返回校園的令人興奮的機會。AUSD的合作夥伴 Right At School 將於每個上學日下午,為TK-5年級學生提供享受回到學校校園,並有成人監督的機會。我們將按照Covid 19的安全協定提供這段時間的計劃。以下的鏈接將引導您進入一個簡短的問卷調查,以更加瞭解您的學生對於參與此計劃的興趣。我們預見這段時間將有參與身體運動、遊戲和社會情感活動的空間。

AUSD還希望為我們的TK-5年級家庭提供免費、擴大在校時間的學習豆莢計劃。學習豆莢提供成人監督,讓 TK-5年級學生在一個學校的校園內參與虛擬學習課堂。AUSD家庭可以通過訪問以下的鏈接,填寫簡短的問卷,來參與新的下午監督活動和/或學習豆莢計劃。Right At School將與完成問卷調查的家庭聯繫,以最終確定註冊過程。




AUSD 教育服務部門