AUSD Middle Schools Rank Highest on API in LA County!

ARCADIA- The Arcadia Unified School District has three of the top four highest scoring middle schools in Los Angeles County on the Academic Performance Index. Out of the more than 300 middle schools in L.A. County, Foothills Middle School ranked number one, tied with Huntington Middle School, with an API of 977.

Even more impressive, AUSD has two other middle schools that rank in the top four. First Avenue Middle School scored 965 after improving 11 points on last year’s API, and Dana Middle School ranks fourth in the county with an API of 956, an increase of three points from last year.

"We are so excited at First Avenue with the outstanding performance of our students,” said Jeff Wilson, Principal of First Avenue Middle School. “For us, it is a piece of evidence confirming that what we are doing as educators is supportive of student learning and of our instructional goals; and it gives us the impetus to continue to pursue our mission which is to provide a high quality, well-rounded education to all of our students."

AUSD is also one of just two districts in L.A. County (that have more than one middle school) that has all its elementary and middle schools scoring above 900 on the API.

Of the hundreds of elementary schools in L.A. County, Baldwin Stocker Elementary ranks in the top 5 with an API of 971.

The California API average for the 2012-2013 school year is 789, after a 2 point drop from the previous year. The state’s minimum target is 800 which about 51% of California schools reached. The API ranges from 200-1,000.

AUSD 2012-2013 API Scores

Foothills Middle School


First Avenue Middle School


Dana Middle School


Baldwin Stocker Elementary School


Camino Grove Elementary School


Highland Oaks Elementary School


Holly Avenue Elementary School


Hugo Reid Elementary School


Longley Way Elementary School


Arcadia High School


*California Average for 2012-2013