Arcadia Unified Staff Welcomed Onto the Field for the Annual Staff Appreciation Night Football Game

By Arcadia Unified School District Digital Communications Interns Leila Nunez 10/28/19

The Arcadia High School football stadium was flooded with spirit for the annual “Staff Appreciation Night” hosted by the Arcadia Unified School District (AUSD) on October 11. Joined by family and friends, the educators, administrators, and staff from all Arcadia schools walked down onto the field as they were celebrated for their hard work and devotion to their students.

Arcadia High School junior Joel Lee described his relationship with a teacher as “impactful because he has so much knowledge about everything that happens in the world.” Lee goes on to say, “He gives me a lot of advice with how to do better, not only with my studies but also in life.” 

At the start of the evening, the staff members enjoyed an all-school tailgate at Arcadia High School where they were given special sideline passes granting them the best view of the night’s upcoming football game. Volunteers set up multiple booths that included photos, food, face painting, and raffle tickets for the guests to visit! Entertaining games of bean bag toss and giant Jenga were played by families and friends as they waited to head onto the field.


check in table

Children visiting intern Jeffrey Lee at the booth for some delicious sweets!

Photo by AUSD Digital Communications Intern Sofia Nagy.

As the start of the game neared, school signs created by the AUSD Digital Communications Internship program were passed out to educators, administrators, and staff members of each school as they were directed onto the field. The bleachers roared with excitement as the crowd showed their spirit as hundreds of staff members walked through the famed black tunnel, holding their school posters with pride.

dana students

A group of Dana Middle School Mariners laughing with their peers while showing off their school sign with pride.

Photo by Digital Communications Intern Jocelyn Thao.

Staff Appreciation Night is an important event because it allows students to thank their teachers for guiding them through their school careers. Junior Homecoming Prince Joshua Mar honored his freshman history teacher on this special night for the impact she had on his life, even three years later. “She always just taught me how to think of a positive outlook on life,” Mar said. 

Arcadia High School Clubs Commissioner Ashley Lin goes back even further in time to thank her middle school PE teacher. “He has impacted me in a very positive way because he is very easy to talk to,” Lin said. Now a junior at Arcadia High School, she states that this middle school teacher “lets you know to work hard and try to do what you do best,” revealing the many ways Arcadia educators encourage their students to strive for success.

As the game started and the night went on, friends laughed with each other, children ran around the track with joy, and parents smiled with glee as they watch their kids celebrating the great opportunities AUSD provides. As staff mingled, new friendships and memories were made among the AUSD family. The night was a great chance for people to meet and develop new connections among other AUSD members.

ms. dillman

Arcadia High School’s Principal, Angela Dillman, taking a selfie with her AUSD friends!

Photo by Digital Communications Intern Leila Nunez

Although the Apaches lost the game, nothing could compare to the memories made that night! AUSD Teacher of the Year and First Avenue Middle School music teacher Michael Danielson states, “Every year has its really big moments… I’m always looking at the next big moment and always looking forward.” The First Avenue Middle School music teacher adds, “Knowing that there is always a beautiful future in music and a great supportive community in Arcadia, it has been a wonderful place to teach.”


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