Technology and Information Services

The Technology and Information Services (TIS) department is responsible for many networking and data initiatives across the district.

Department Responsibilities
  • Provides long-range vision and direction for district’s technology, information, and data systems for education and administration
  • Provides leadership and support for innovative instructional programs incorporating technology 
  • Designs, supervises and conducts staff development programs
  • Coordinates electronic systems for access to student information and assessment data for teachers and administrators to support classroom instruction 
  • Directs and participates in the monitoring of evolving technology and sponsors feasibility studies of the potential utilization of major technological advances
  • Establishes and maintains the District’s hardware, software, and network architectures
  • 10,000 Chromebooks
  • 1,600 Workstations
  • 1,000 Network Connected Phones
  • 650 Wireless Access Points
  • 600 Network Connected Clock/Speakers
  • 50 Servers
  • Rolled out 10,000 Chromebooks to students and staff over 3 years while maintaining sufficient bandwidth and connectivity infrastructure.
  • Implemented and maintain classroom technology including video projectors, microphone and speaker systems and document cameras.
  • Maintain student, staff and other district information systems including all grade, attendance and report card interfaces.