AUSD Digital Communications Internship Program

The Arcadia Unified School District Digital Communications Internship Program (DCI) is an integral part of the Communications and Public Information Office. Established in the Spring of 2015, the program is designed for advanced communications and journalism students at Arcadia High School. The program is equivalent to an Advanced Placement (AP) course which prepares students with college and career-ready skills.

The internship is open to all Arcadia High School students who are in good academic standing. There are no prerequisites and no minimum GPA required. There is an application and interview process that prospective students must successfully go through in order to be accepted. Upon initial acceptance, interns go through a probationary period to allow for accurate work assessments. Weekly meetings are comprised of lectures, workshops, and discussions. The students also work independently on their own time and with their peers to complete projects and assignments. Ideal candidates have a passion for journalism and digital communications, work collaboratively with others in a team setting, excel while working independently, and are eager to learn. The internship is non-paid, however, students who complete a full semester in good standing will receive a certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation upon request. 

The specialties covered in the program consist of the following: journalism (including broadcast, print, and digital), communications, video production, marketing, public relations, media relations, crisis communications, event planning, social media, business and real-world skills such as interview techniques, ethics, and professionalism.  


The Digital Communications internship program expanded in the fall of 2015 from two to 15 digital journalists that cover news and events happening throughout the entire district. In the fall of 2016, DCI expanded further to 34 student-interns. Members of the AUSD Digital Communications Internship Program write news stories, produce videos, create promotional materials, and help organize and publicize district events. 

Mr. Foran, who launched and leads the program, has a vast knowledge of both communications and journalism. Before working in media and public relations, he was a television news reporter. Mr. Foran has a BA in Broadcast Journalism and a MA in Communications with a concentration in New Media and Marketing. He has won awards both as a news reporter and communications professional and taught a multimedia journalism course at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He has been with Arcadia Unified since August of 2013. 

Students with an interest in journalism, communications, video production, marketing, or public relations are encouraged to apply. For more information on internship opportunities, please email Mr. Foran at [email protected]

AUSD DCI Press Pass Day!
From left to right: Mr. Ryan Foran, Adele Ng, Travis Chen
(Original Interns)
AUSD DCI Press Pass Day! 
November 2015


DCI Holiday Party! December 2016  USC High School Journalism Day
DCI Holiday Party! December 2016                                   DCI at USC High School Journalism Day, October 2017