Achieving Academic Success Through Physical Wellness
Train Your Brain is a collection of five topics known as the Fab Five which include: HEALTHY EATING, PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL CONNECTION, BODY AWARENESS, SLEEP & REST, By training our brains to adapt to the healthy habits of each of the fab five we will be able to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. 
Emme ChenEmme Chen, is a student at Arcadia High School. She has been apart of Girl Scouts (Troop 14381) since kindergarten. She created Project Train Your Brain because Emme believes both academics and physical health are very important.  She has always loved helping her community out in any way possible and is confident that students that follow the Fab Five will not only do better in school but also feel great.
To learn more about the Fab Five click on this link to access a tutorial AND/OR watch the video below.