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Extended School Year

What are Extended School Year (ESY) services?

Extended school year (ESY) services are special education and related services that are provided to a student with a disability beyond the regular school year in accordance with his/her IEP. The need for ESY services must be determined annually on an individual basis by the Individual Education Program (IEP) team.

What is the purpose of ESY services?

The purpose of ESY services is to assist students in maintaining the skills at risk of regression or for students with severe disabilities to attain the critical skills or self-sufficiency goals essential to the student’s continued progress. It is not a means to develop or enhance new skills. Secondary students receive 2.5 elective credits for ESY services.

Who determines whether a student with a disability needs ESY services?

When does this happen? The IEP team determines whether there is a need for ESY services. The IEP team includes the student’s parent(s), the student (if appropriate), special and general education teachers, related services’ providers, school administrator or designee, and other participants that may be helpful to the process. The need for ESY services may be determined at any IEP meeting if appropriate data have been collected to support the decision.

How does the IEP team decide whether a student with disabilities needs ESY services?

An IEP team may determine ESY is necessary when: 1. a student with disabilities demonstrates significant regression corresponding with limited recoupment of previously achieved skills; 2. a loss of critical skills for students accessing the alternate curriculum; or 3. special circumstances or other factors that indicate the need for ESY services.

If my child with a disability received ESY services last year, will he/she continue to receive ESY services each year?

ESY services may be offered only if a student’s IEP team discusses and determines on an individual basis that ESY is necessary for the provision of a Free and Appropriate Public Education to the student. This decision must be evaluated annually based on data collected and analyzed. ESY services are not required for every student with disabilities every year.

If my child qualifies for ESY must he/ she attend?

Participation is not mandatory. There are no legal consequences if a student does not attend ESY.


If the IEP team determines that ESY is necessary for my child, will he/ she receive the same supports and services as he/she does during the regular school year?

The IEP team will identify the area(s) of need based on existing goal(s) and determine the supports and services necessary to address the goal(s) during ESY. The time and frequency of these supports and services may differ from those delivered during the regular school year.


TIP: Please bring any information that might be helpful in making the decision, such as a log of your child’s performance after school breaks, pertinent medical updates, or other information that may be useful.

ESY 2024

ESY dates: June 12 to July 10

Mondays - Fridays from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM; with a June 19, July 4th & 5th Holiday

Dates and times are subject to change pending final Board approval