The Governing Board believes homework is an important part of the instructional program and is a valuable tool to support students’ efforts to master grade level content standards. Homework is defined as school-related assignments that will enhance or reinforce concepts taught in the classroom and which will require time and effort outside the regular school day for successful completion.
Homework will be designed to serve specific purposes. These include assignments that are:
  1. Designed to develop good study habits and promote independent learning
  2. Preparation for upcoming instruction
  3. Practice or review of lessons taught
  4. Extension or application of concepts and skills taught in the classroom
To be effective, homework assignments should not place an undue burden on students and families. The Board recognizes the needs of families that require commitments of time and effort and respect the particular circumstances that may exist within families.
The Board believes that homework is the responsibility of the student. The Board encourages teachers at all grade levels to use the parent/guardian as a source of support and to structure homework assignments, especially at the elementary levels, to appropriately involve the parent/guardian while promoting and maintaining the student’s sense of responsibility.
Properly implemented, homework will:
  1. Lead to increased level of mastery of content standards
  2. Be related to current classroom instruction
  3. Include clearly communicated directions to students and where appropriate to parents
  4. Include timely feedback to students
  5. Appropriately meet the needs of the individual learner
  6. Lead to the development of good study habits and promote independent learning. Research tells us that this is particularly important at the elementary grades.
Research has shown us that the value of homework increases based on the design and the feedback provided by the teacher. There is an understanding that the kind of feedback a teacher provides may be dependent on the kind of homework assigned. The Board is not prescriptive in providing teachers guidelines for this feedback, but encourages all feedback to students be timely and consistent with the standards targeted in the classroom instruction.
Student performance is to be measured on the basis of clear curriculum content and student performance standards. Therefore academic grades will be directly based on student performance in mastering approved curriculum standards.
Homework/Make-up Work
Students shall be given the opportunity to make up school work missed because of an excused absence or suspension and shall receive full credit if the work is turned in according to a reasonable make-up schedule.
Teachers may require a suspended student to complete any assignments and tests missed during suspension. [E.C. 48913]
Students who miss schoolwork because of unexcused absences may be given the opportunity to make up missed work for full or reduced credit. Teachers shall assign such make-up work as necessary to ensure academic progress, not as a punitive measure.