It is our mission to support academic success by providing outstanding service, with integrity, pride, and professionalism; creating and maintaining a safe, clean, and positive learning environment for the students and staff at Arcadia Unified School District.

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Gabriel Santos has been the Operations Supervisor since April of 2015, and has over 20 years of experience working in a school district in the Operations department.

The Operations Supervisor works under the direct supervision of the Executive Director of Facilities & Operational Services and is responsible for management of  35 custodians, 3 laborers, and 10 on-call substitute custodians servicing 14 district facilities. This includes cleaning classrooms, offices, restrooms, kitchens and grounds. Special projects include striping and waxing floors, carpet cleaning, and gym floor screen and re-coating. Custodians respond to site urgent and emergency matters. 

The Operations Department also has an Athletic Facilities & Equipment Assistant whom helps to care and maintain the athletic fields, and the school swimming pool; and issues, maintain and store athletic equipment and uniforms. 

The Operations Department also has 4 Locker Room Assistants at the high school whom supervise and actively monitor students in the locker rooms before and after PE classes, providing assistants to the students with PE uniforms and their lockers. In addition, they also maintain the cleanliness of the locker rooms and their restrooms. 

The Operations Supervisor is responsible for:

  • All district Custodial, Laborer Staff; Athletic Facilities & Equipment Assistant, and 4 high school Locker Room Assistants. 
  • Assignment of Substitute Custodians
  • Managing Operations Budget
  • Purchasing district wide custodial and pool supplies, materials, and equipment
  • Meet with vendors and select supplies and products for district use
  • Train and Evaluate Operations staff
  • Assists Site Administrators/Staff on matters related to the Operations Department.
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