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The district's school facilities and grounds exist primarily for the instruction and benefit of district students and other educational purposes of the district. However, when school facilities and grounds are not needed for district purposes, the Board shall make school facilities and grounds under its jurisdiction available as a civic center to responsible citizens and community groups for appropriate civic, cultural, welfare, or recreational purposes specified in the Civic Center Act, subject to district policies and regulations and accompanying exhibits, to the extent that such use: (i) is consistent with the preservation of order in, and the protection of, school facilities and school grounds; and (ii) does not infringe upon nor interfere with school activities or other school-related uses, or the best interests of the district and its students.

  • All organizations requesting use of facilities must provide a Certificate of Insurance for a minimum liability of $1,000,000 liability coverage. Said certificate will name Arcadia Unified School District (150 S. Third Ave. Arcadia, CA 91006) as an additional insured and as Certificate Holder.
  • Use of certain district facilities/grounds or equipment require supervision by designated district personnel. Additionally, based on the use, date(s) of use, or time(s) of use, special or additional labor or services may be required, in district's sole discretion. (Custodial labor services are charged to each reservation with a minimum of three (3) hours per reservation).
  •  The following classifications set forth the basic policy for fees to be charged:
CATEGORY 1 (Free Use): Nonprofit organizations whose primary purpose to promote youth and school activity and no admission is charged (scout programs), District meetings, booster clubs, Arcadia Educational Foundation, school/community advisory councils.
CATEGORY II (Direct-Cost Use): Non-profit recreational, civic, service, community, cultural or public affairs groups or organizations (veterans' organizations, senior citizens' organizations, religious groups, etc.). *Must provide 501(c)(3) for direct cost rate.
CATEGORY III (Fair-Rental-Value-Use): Private, non-district/school connected classes and educational events. Profit-making or commercial events or uses, non-community based groups, etc.



Applications for use of school facilities and grounds shall be obtained via district's online application and facility request system.  Applicants, and duly authorized representatives of Applicants applying on their behalf, must be over the age of 18. Any persons applying for the use of school property on behalf of any society, group, club, association, entity, or organization shall be a member of the Applicant group.

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School fields are allocated by the City of Arcadia Parks and Recreation Department; please contact the City of Arcadia Parks and Recreation Department for reservation requests.


City of Arcadia Parks and Recreation Department

Emily Buchanan, Recreation Supervisor

(626) 821-4368

[email protected]


Please contact our Communication and Public Information Office for filming requests.


Ryan Foran, Chief Communications Officer

(626) 821-6664

[email protected]