Required Documents

The following documents are required in order to enroll in Arcadia Unified School District (AUSD). 
It is mandatory for the parent/guardian to bring originals to the scheduled enrollment appointment.  It is highly recommended that the required documents be gathered prior to completing the electronic registration form. All foreign documents including immunizations record, transcript, and birth certificate must be officially translated.  A printable list of the requirements and the location of the Monrovia Health Center is available by clicking the link below:
Residency Verification (Proof of Residency)
Three (3) original and current (within 30 days) documents must be provided.  Documents must have the parent/guardian or full-time caregiver name and address.  A waiver is available for families that have recently moved into the District.  This provides up to an additional 20 days to provide residency verification.  Documents accepted for proof of residency include:



·         Property Tax Payment Receipts

·        Auto Registration

·         Lease/Rental Agreement

        (1 year or more - not month to month)

·         Auto Insurance Statement

·         Utility Service (Contract, Statement, Receipts)

·        Bank Statement (Not Credit Card)

·         Voter Registration

·        Health Insurance Statement

·         State or Federal Income Tax Documents

·        Cable Bill

       ·      Correspondence from a government agency

·        Pay Stub


Age Verification 
One of the following original documents: (a) Original County or State Birth Certificate, (b) Alien Registration Card, (c) Hospital Certificate, (d) Baptismal Certificate.  A passport or other official document may be deemed acceptable by the Registrar.  Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions. (EDC § 48002)
Immunization Records with all required immunizations
The original immunization record stamped and signed by the student's health care provider OR the student's immunization record from their previous school. The record must show:
1. The month and year or each dose.
2. For MMR only - the DAY, month, and year of the dose if given during the month of the first birthday.
3. For Tdap only - the DAY, month, and year of the dose if given during the month of the seventh birthday.
A copy of required immunizations by age is available by clicking link:  IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS
Transcripts and/or Report Card
To ensure proper grade level placement per Arcadia Unified School District Board Policy, all students must provide transcripts or grade reports. Bringing copies to the enrollment meeting will help the registrar to make appropriate placement decisions and assist with reducing delays in starting school.
Children under 6 years
In order to maintain safe, healthy, and legally compliant schools, students must be toilet trained before attending school. Children must be wearing underwear. A child wearing “pull ups” is NOT considered toilet trained. All parents of children under the age of 6, must read the Toilet Training Acknowledgement Information Sheet and sign off with the enrollment process. 
Children with a disability, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or 504 plan who are not toilet trained may be enrolled after a review of the child’s disability and/or medical condition.
The district and schools understand that even toilet trained children will occasionally have accidents. By definition, “accidents” are unusual incidents and should happen infrequently. In these instances, the teachers/staff will help children to change their clothes, encouraging independence as much as possible.