Arcadia Unified Statement on Student/Staff Investigation 3-19-19


Upon receiving notification from the Arcadia Police Department that an investigation was underway looking into a report of battery between an Arcadia High staff member and a student, the Arcadia Unified School District took immediate action by placing the staff member on administrative leave and promptly launched its own internal investigation into the matter. The Arcadia Unified School District is taking this situation very seriously and has been working with the Arcadia Police Department to ensure it has all the information and resources needed to conduct and complete its own separate investigation. Both investigations remain ongoing. We are aware of a press release issued by a private investigation firm. There are inaccuracies in that press release.


As with any situation involving student safety, we are taking every necessary step to ensure all of our students are safe, feel safe, and are supported during the entire process. Student and staff safety has and always will be our first priority as a school district. We recognize that learning is stifled if students and teachers are not in an environment in which they feel safe and secure. Arcadia High School and the Arcadia Unified School District as a whole fully comply with all mandated reporting laws. Each year, our entire staff, full and part-time, are trained on the duties and requirements of mandated reporting. You can view a complete list of Arcadia Unified staff training and safety preparedness protocols at

Arcadia Unified School District